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Our Rattlesinker® and new Grenade RattleSinker are some of the best new Striper lures because of its sound technology that acts like a fish call.  They mimic and project the sound of crustaceans that striped bass, and other saltwater and freshwater gamefish species, use to hone in on when hunting their prey. These are sounds produced by lobsters, crabs, crayfish, and shrimp — a favorite food of these monster fish.
Inside the Rattlesinker®, and our other rattle products, are patent-pending sound technology that attracts fish. Gamefish instinctually cannot resist these sounds and vibrations and immediately start hunting towards that sound.  The key to properly using the Greg Myerson® RattleSinker®  is a technique Greg calls "Rattling". It works best with any motion whether you are moving it or your live bait moves it. Click on the Link below for a video demonstration from Greg.

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