Greg Myerson and Friends Land 2 Monster Stripers That Tie Greg's Existing World Record

Greg Myerson Catches another world record, Rattlesinker, World Record Striper -

Greg Myerson and Friends Land 2 Monster Stripers That Tie Greg's Existing World Record

Greg Myerson and Friends Land 2 Monster Stripers That Tie Greg's Existing World Record

Greg Myerson and friends tie world record for largest striped bass


Jeff Thibideau, Jeff Zajack, and Greg Myerson knew that the fishermen around Block Island were pulling in a lot of large Striped Bass over the last week or so. The guys geared up the World Record Striper Company Charter Boat with their Greg Myerson custom Lami Glass Rods and plenty of RattleSinkers, Rattle Bucktails, and Rattle Jigs. They hooked up a few Go Pro cameras and fired up the twin 300 HP motors and set a course for Block Island. Their boat made short work of the 50 mile trip. Arriving in just over an hour, everyone began to string up their fishing rods with a 3 oz. RattleSinker and a live eel.

Greg is a firm believer in stealthy fishing. He has everyone remove their shoes, so as not to spook the older and wiser fish that he knows are down below. See our last Blog Post where Greg gives some great tips on fishing for Stripers in Block Island:

Setting up for their first drift, Greg heard the familiar “Whoosh” of Stripers feeding on a school of Bunker. Right away, Greg was reminded of last year where he landed a monster Striper and would have broke his own World Record, but his friend touched Greg’s Rod while he was bringing it in; therefore, disqualifying the catch according to IGFA rules. Greg announced that they were going to do their best to break his Catch & Release World Record. As they started the drift, Greg hooked into a nice Bass. He knew it wasn’t a new World Record, but it was still a nice size fish. He battled it for a few minutes then netted it and brought it over the rail. It was well over 40 lbs., and the guys could feel it was going to be a great day of fishing. Just about every drift, one or more of the guys would land a good size Striper.

After the tide change, Greg tossed in a nice fresh eel and started Rattling it just off the bottom. About half way into the drift, Greg felt a Striper start to take his bait. 5 seconds later he set the hook and BAM! Greg’s rod bent right over, and he knew he had monster Striper on his line. Jeff started the boat to give Greg good position on his fish and he worked the fish like the natural pro that he is. He battled with his adversary for a good 15 minutes, before getting it close enough to net it and bring it over rail. It was a huge Striped Bass, and the guys knew it was definitely close to Greg’s Catch & Release World Record. He laid the fish gently on the deck and pulled out the official measuring tape. From head to tail, the giant measured a whopping 113 centimeters. Greg couldn’t believe it. He exactly tied his own World Record. So close, but it was not his day today. They didn’t weigh the fish because it stresses the fish too much, therefore, decreasing its chances of survival when they put it back in the water.After a few pictures, Greg leaned back over the rail and gently moved the Striper back and forth getting its gills to produce a good amount of oxygen before releasing it back into the ocean to grow some more. Once again the RattleSinker proved to be the perfect piece of fishing tackle to attract monster Stripers to the hook.

Just a short time later, Jeff Thibideau's line goes tight and he begins to battle his own monster Striper. He looks at Greg as he starts reeling in the fish and says, "I think this may be the one!" Greg maneuvers the boat while Jeff keeps the line coming in. They get the fish over the rail and break out the tape. Wouldn't you know it, the giant Striper measures 113 centimeters exactly! For the second time that day, the Guys from World Record Striper tie  the Catch & Release World Record Striped Bass. 



  • Greg Myerson

    Yes, I tied it then my partner jeff hooked one the same size. Crazy night and it just goes to show you never know what can happen. It was the catch & Release Title NOT the all Tackle World Record!

  • rick Johnson

    so- let me get this straight…… you “tied the world record twice” in the same night…… with 44" fish…..?

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