Trailer for "Running The Coast" featuring Greg Myerson

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Trailer for "Running The Coast" featuring Greg Myerson

Running The Coast: 1,000 miles with the Striped Bass migration from Howard Films on Vimeo.


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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS PR-ORDER ONLY. YOUR PURCHASE WILL ENSURE YOU A DOWNLOAD WHEN FILM COMPLETED. YOU WILL RECEIVE NO MOVIE, JUST A TRAILER VIEWING UNTIL THEN. CHEERS. Running the coast began as a seasonal plan to film anglers intercepting the striped bass, and turned into a multi-year journey with a hurricane in between and the secrets of the striped bass discovered slowly along the way - from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. See every cast and gorgeous striped bass appear from the deep to seduce us for mile after mile in all conditions and every method, as only America's original gamefish can. Learn more at and

What happens when the world's largest migration intersects with a thousand miles of passionate, sleep deprived anglers? Are you on the water today?
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Greg Myerson is featured in this film by Howard Films. It portrays nature and man as there paths cross on our great waterways. It is a must see for any serious angler or those who want to really catch huge fish through the art of fishing.  This is the trailer for the film which will be released soon.


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