Catching Monster Fluke With Greg Myerson

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Catching Monster Fluke With Greg Myerson

Last night just before dusk, Greg Myerson and his business manager Vinny, decided to go to their favorite local Fluke fishing grounds around Westbrook, CT. Greg wanted to try out some of his new proto-type Rattling fishing products like the Rattle-Teaser.

Greg wanted to try a new setup for Fluke. Combining two Rattle products with one new piece of tackle called a Rattle Teaser. His new setup begins like this:

1.A 3-way swivel with a 5 or 6 oz. RattleSinker clipped to to it. Then a 1' piece of monofilament line leading to a barrel swivel.

2.Clipped to the barrel swivel, is Greg Myerson's new Rattle Teaser prototype. Which is basically a small Rattling Fly setup with a hook.

3.Attached to the opposite end of the barrel swivel, he ties a 1.5 - 2 oz. Greg Myerson Rattle Bucktail with a small chunk of squid as bait.

The RattleSinker, the Rattle Teaser, and the Rattle Bucktail all combine to mimic the sound of a crab or other crustacean, which attracts large fluke from across the entire sandbar. Fluke, just like all other fish, are attracted to sound first and foremost. Just before the final attack, their senses of smell and sight take over. The Fluke then sees the piece of squid and attracts it ferociously.

Flounder caought with rattle bucktail lure

Upon their first drift over the "Flukey" sandbar, Greg and Vinny both hooked into two 22" plus fish. Over the course of the next 12 drifts, they each caught one or more 22 inch Fluke. Greg, being the conservative fisherman that he is, only kept 2 of his prize catches for dinner and released the rest.

The best feature of The World Record Striper Company's products is their versatility across all varieties of game fish.

The most beneficial aspect, to all of Greg Myerson's Rattling products, is that they can be universally used across all fisheries and fishing situations. Sound travels 5 times farther in water than in air. Followed by smell, and lastly sight. Therefore, Greg Myerson's Rattle products can be combined together in any way that benefits your fishing environment. The Rattle Teaser will be available soon, along with several other new rattling products that Greg Myerson is currently testing. If you have any questions, send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Thank you and happy fishing,

-Greg Myerson

Greg Myerson catches flounder with Rattlesinker

Flounder fish caught by Greg Myerson


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