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The Greg Myerson Rattling Technique

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The Greg Myerson Rattling Technique

The technique Greg Myerson uses to attract large fish to his bait or lure is called Rattling. In implementing this technique, Greg enables his trademarked Rattle™ fishing tackle to emulate the sound of a crustacean, such as a baby lobster, crab or crayfish. The Rattling technique takes advangage of two dynamics that play well into an angler's hands: sound travels very efficiently in water and hearing is the most pronounced sense among almost all species of fish.

The key to successful Rattle Fishing is the proper manipulation of the Greg Myerson™ Rattle tackle, be it a RattleSinker™, RattleBlackfish Jig, RattleFloat or RattleBucktail. The proper manipulation involves what might best be described as bouncing the tackle so the internal rattles are fully activated. 

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