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Keeping a Lookout for Striped Bass

While Scrounging a New Motor and Keeping a Lookout For Striped Bass, I Keep My Mind Focused on My New Products.

As I travel to Shoreline in my beat up pickup truck, I scan the waters from the Connecticut River to Westbrook, Connecticut keeping an eye out for the holdout striped bass that hang around for the winter. I noticed several schools of herring being fed on by the local schoolies of striped bass. The amount of action I have been observing on top of the water is the best I have seen in years, if not in my lifetime. This may turn out to be a banner year for striper fishing, and I intend on catching at least one more world record in the Catch and Release category this year in any tournament I enter.

While traveling, I have several springtime issues on my mind. The first one is how I am going to explain to Atlantic Evinrude Outboard Motor Company why their brand-new engine they gave me last year is now in pieces because of my hard fishing and several rocky shoals that somehow and mysteriously appeared in front of my boat out of nowhere last year. My other thoughts are turned to the new products that I am launching this spring.

My new Rattling Bucktails are now going from a two-stage tying process to a three stage tying process. Most bucktails, made by today’s companies, are just a single stage tying process. They have less hairs, are of cheap quality, machine tied, and sink very rapidly. The Greg Myerson Rattling Bucktails are now hand tied in a three stage process which allows for more hairs, a much stronger product, and a lure that sinks more slowly to the bottom which makes it perfect for surf casters and those fishing close to rocks or in shallow water. Not only that, my rattling bucktails contain the patent pending Greg Myerson Rattle which brings in monster fish from a greater distance ready to devour any bait or lure they come upon.

My other new product is the Greg Myerson Deepwater Release Tool. This tool will allow you to release Deepwater striped bass, or any other game fish, without killing them. It allows you to hook onto the fish when brought to the surface, and weight it back down to the bottom rather quickly where it will be able to release the oxygen in its swim bladder. With a simple tug of line, the gadget will release the fish and allow it to naturally release the oxygen slowly from its bladder; therefore, it will give the fish a 90% or higher chance of living. Anything, that gives game fish a better chance of surviving after being caught will only propagate the survival of the species and keep our fisheries going for generations to come. I consider this one of my best inventions of all, and I truly hope that all fisherman will buy one of these tools. It will only help our ecosystems and give all Deepwater game fish an extra boost in reproduction and keep the links in the food chain sustainable for decades more.

Me and my guys, at the World Record Striper Company, are looking forward to the Second Annual Striper King Tournament in Block Island. Chris Willy (from Fish Works) and I will be present at this tournament handing out my new Deepwater release tool to each team for the first time. Hopefully, we will be able to break another world record at our first tournament of the year. Hope to see everyone there and tight lines for everyone.


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