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What have you Rattled in lately?

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What have you Rattled in lately?

Here at the World Record Striper Company, we're all about landing big fish. And by landing, we mean rattlin' them in. Greg Myerson has proven time and again that his trademarked RattleSinker™, RattleFloats, RattleJigs and other sound-based fishing tackle can land world record striped bass. 

In May, Greg will see if he can lure in another type of fish with his tackle - one of the venture capitalists on ABC's Shark Tank! Tune into ABC on Friday, May 1st to see if Greg can land a deal. We'll put a post up about Greg's experience on the show after it airs. But while we're on the subject of landing big fish, we're always happy when other anglers land big fish using Greg's patented gear.

World Record Striper Fishing pic catch

As you know by now, the sound in Greg Myerson™ Rattle™ gear is meant to mimic the sound of various crustaceans which big fish love to eat:  lobster, crab, crayfish, shrimp, etc. Sound is almost 1,000 times more pronounced underwater and for fish, hearing this sound is like ringing the dinner bell. What happens next is up to you. 

World Record Striper Catch

So what have you rattled in lately? Send us a picture of whatever you've rattled in. We'll post the best pics on our website!

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