Greg Myerson™ RattleSinker™ is now available in 1 oz. thru 4 oz. sizes

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Greg Myerson™ RattleSinker™ is now available in 1 oz. thru 4 oz. sizes

One of the greatest breakthroughs in fishing tackle, The Greg Myerson® RattleSinker®, is now available in 1 oz. thru 4 oz. sizes. These new sizes are ideal for targeting a variety of  freshwater species, as well as for use in lighter saltwater fishing conditions.

World Record Striper Fishing Catch

The patent-pending sound technology employed by the Greg Myerson® RattleSinker® is meant to mimic the decibel frequency emitted by one of the favorite foods of fish:  crustaceans. And since sound travels considerably further in water, fish pick up this sound though their inner ear and lateral line, making them instinctively hunt down the source of that sound from a greater distance than any other lure available today. 

When they travel to the source of the sound, they find your bait and the rest is up to you. Greg Myerson has used this sound advantage to land four World Record striped bass and has garnered three Angler and Fish of the Year Titles in the process. It is also the tackle used to win numerous fishing tournaments up and down the East Coast.

But as Greg will often say, this technology works for a variety of fish in a variety of situations. The latest proof of that is US Army sniper Nick Bergeron, who has recently employed a 1 ounce RattleSinker® used as a drop shot to nail this nice large mouth bass.

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So what are you waiting for? Try the RattleSinker® for yourself and start catching bigger fish more frequently. Become the envy of your buddies and win those first fish or biggest fish contests. Heck, this fishing secret will probably pay for itself.

The sizes and prices of the new Greg Myerson® RattleSinker® are as follows:  1 oz (3 pack):  $5.34, 2 oz (2 pack): $5.34, 3 oz (2 pack): $6.92 and 4 oz is $4.23.

Find out more information here.


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