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Greg Myerson & World Record Striper to Sponsored NASCAR #55

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Greg Myerson & World Record Striper to Sponsored NASCAR #55


  It all started during the Blizzard of 78. The whole northeast was snowed in, and NASCAR was on National TV for the first time ever. ABC showcased the Daytona 500,  and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Watching Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, Darrell Waltrip, and Richard Petty just blew my mind. The race was intense with Allison winning. I became a huge fan instantly.

   Growing up, NASCAR was a huge deal in my life. My #43 Richard Petty matchbox car, that used to smoke all my friends cars as a kid, still sits on my Book shelf 40 years later! After inventing my fish calling Rattlesinker, winning numerous fishing tournaments, and angler of the year title, I finally broke the Striped Bass All Tackle World Record!  Then over the next two years, I broke three more world record striper titles.  Everyone wanted my now famous Rattlesinker!

   Born from Recording invertebrate sounds with my hydrophone(an underwater microphone) , my Rattlesinker landed me on The ABC hit TV show Shark Tank, Reeling in Billionaire Mark Cuban. It also opened the Door to NASCAR!

    I received a call from Charlotte, North Carolina, from a fellow named Ira Tilley asking me if I'd be interested in sponsoring a tier 3 team in the Sprint Cup! I didn't have the money, but I vowed  I would raise it somehow. A year later, we barely had the cash, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity and dream of a life time. Finally, The World Record Striper Company was ready to sponsor its first NASCAR vehicle.

   We wrapped the entire car in the World Record Striper Company’s logo and were off for Dover on May 15, 2016.  I could barely contain myself walking onto the track. Who do you think I run into? I mean the very first person I meet! Darrell Waltrip!  We take a photo; talk a bit, and away he rides on a golf cart!  Can you believe my luck? As I continue walking into the garage area, I'm talking to Carl Edwards, Clint Boyer, Tony Stewart, and Danica Patrick among many others. I meet my Driver Reed Sorenson. We discuss the car and strategies. I meet my premium Motorsports team and owner Jay Robinson for a meeting. I tell him my story and he is intrigued. He says he has connections to blow this company up fast! Sounds good to me! I said, “You do this Jay, and I will get you the money to win us a sprint cup someday!” He knows I meant it!  We become fast friends, and this can be the beginning of a long relationship that leads to success on the track and in major Retailers for The World Record Striper Company!  It's like a dream to me. We head to Charlotte this Memorial Day for the Coke 600 on Fox!  Look for the #55 WRSC car!!! And check out our Website at www.worldrecordstripercompany.com



  • Steve peeps

    Good luck with your company with partners like Bill goldstein and marc cuban you can’t lose that Goldstein can sell a ketchup ice cream cone to a girl in a white gown good health and god bless peeps.
  • Martin Dean

    Good Luck Greg!!!……..will certainly be rooting for you and Reed this week…….also I remember the Blizzard of 78……..I’m sure we were both out sledding with your brother David and the other kids in the Neighborhood……we always had a Blast as Kids doing something outside.

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