A Great Day of Fishing Stripers On The Reef!

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A Great Day of Fishing Stripers On The Reef!

We talked to everybody fishing on the reef by boat today. They all came by to pay us respect, and I was truly honored and felt blessed to be able to speak with them. It is great having people around me that love fishing as much as I do and appreciate everything we do to help our great sport carry on to the future.

Jeff Thibodeau and I had an amazing day with over a dozen bass caught and released. I'm sure it was because of my Rattlesinkers®. Everyone we spoke to today said they hadn't caught anything at all. I truly feel the Rattlesinker® makes a world of difference when used correctly! Especially, in murky water which was the case today. As a result of all the rain we've had lately, the Rattlesinker® helps fish find your bait by its fish attracting sound. We used a 3 way swivel setup with a 5oz Rattlesinker® and a long fluorocarbon 50lb test leader, over 5ft long. We used 8/0 circle hooks through the noses of some live bunker we netted earlier and 5/0 convention hooks with the live eels. Both of which worked well with a Rattlesinker® attached. Being a full moon or close to it, we were limited to catching fish during the beginning and end of the tide as the water was just too fast during the middle of the tide. Look for our Rattlesinkers® now on Amazon and for other great World Record Striper Company products on our website www.worldrecordstripercompany.com.


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