A Great Night of Fishing Testing New Methods and Products From World Record Striper Company

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A Great Night of Fishing Testing New Methods and Products From World Record Striper Company

I was invited out on a fishing trip with Rick Newberg, and a couple friends of his named Greg and Jeff, to try out some new products from Greg Myerson and his World Record Striper Company. To make tonight even more interesting, Jeff brought along his drone and high-tech camera attached to the bottom to try and capture some film footage of how our new Squid Flies worked. It seemed like a good evening to try out some new video techniques, and we spotted several areas where birds were congregating and the fish were feeding.

Before we launched the drone, we put together several different rigs on our poles using the new Rattle Squid Flies and on Rick's pole we put on the Rattle Launcher Bobber with a Squid Fly. The three other polls use various combinations of a three-way striper rig using RattleSinker's, the Rattle Squid Fly as a teaser, or a Rattle Bucktail and pieces of real squid. On the first drift, those of us using the three-way set ups immediately hooked up several good size bluefish and knew we were off to having a good night of fishing.

On the second drift, Rick demonstrated how well and how far the Rattle Launcher Bobber could cast a saltwater fly using a bait cast reel. As he retrieved it slowly and steadily, the bluefish not only hit the bobber, but they seriously attacked that fly bringing in a really nice size bluefish. The few boats around us were not nearly catching as many bluefish as we were on each and every drift. A few ventured over and asked us what we were using for bait or set ups and we had to lend them a few RattleSinker's to use in their setups. After their next drift, they immediately signaled back a thumbs-up as almost everyone on their boats were hooked up to a nice bluefish or striper.

Unfortunately, when we launched the drone to try and capture some of this footage the lighting just didn't work as it was approaching dusk. We also had trouble picking up the fly in the water because by then the riptide was starting to come in and made the water slightly choppy. Once we figured out how to line up the drone with the fly, dusk had fallen and the light just wasn't good enough for decent footage.

Needless to say, we used The Rattle Sonic Fly and The Rattle Squid Fly in several different configurations as teasers and they work phenomenally well. Game fish just cannot resist the sound emitted from any of the Rattle products put out by Greg Myerson and the World Record Striper Company. Order yours now and don't be afraid to try out different configurations to fit your fishing conditions because these products will pull in the fish when used correctly. I will never leave the dock without these products in my tackle box.


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