Approach Fishing as Stealthy & Quiet as Possible to Find The Big Ones

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Approach Fishing as Stealthy & Quiet as Possible to Find The Big Ones

Greg Myerson & Friend catching big Stripers


If your searching for big fish do it as quietly as possible. Big fish didn't grow huge by accident.

They exploited their instincts, such as hearing, better than most other fish of their species did. Fish can hear extremely well, and it has been proven that they can communicate with each other over great distances to find each other and/or hunt together. They also can tell people or boat noise from food or the natural sounds of their environment.

I caught the World Record striped bass by replicating the sound of lobster, one of their favorite foods.

I put this very specific sound into my Rattlesinkers, because I wanted to attract the biggest ones. When I fish on my boat stealth RULES! I usually do not even wear footwear, it makes to much noise.  Everything that can bang or clunk on my boat is secured completely. I can't stress enough how the quiet and stealthy approach to fishing is one of the best tips I could give you. If your going to make noise, make it something that attracts monster fish by using my RattleSinkers or other Rattle Products

Greg Myerson

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  • D-Rock

    Great info for sure. What are your thoughts on the effect of sonar sounds on bass? I experimented a few times on the flats, and found I do better with sonar off, but I’m not yet totally convinced.

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