Bill Paynes 10lbs. 3oz Fluke Caught Using World Record Striper Company's Rattle Lures

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Bill Paynes 10lbs. 3oz Fluke Caught Using World Record Striper Company's Rattle Lures

Bill Payne caught this huge Fluke on the Helen H Charter Boat out off Cape Cod, Mass.  

   Bill was with several friends on this excursion and of course that comes with a little bit of friendly rivalry.  As Bill pulled out his small tackle box of his favorite new and old fishing gear, his friends egged him on about his new collection of World Record Striper Company Sound Based Fishing Products. They kept up with the sly comments, and Bill just kept tying up a few different rigs to use throughout the trip.

 His first setup he used a 3-way Fluke rig that included a 16 oz. Grenade Rattlesinker and a Rattle Bucktail with a strip of Squid.  He pulled up a few nice size Fluke that were bigger in quantity and size than his buddies, but he wasn’t satisfied quite yet.

 He changed out the Rattle Bucktail for a Rattle Squid Fly with a piece Squid attached.

   Immediately he hooked into something big and the rod tip bent all the way over. The game was on, and the deckhands moved into position to give him the best opportunity to land his fish.  As the fish broke the water, everyone realized it was a giant fluke.  The deckhands moved into position, netted the fish, and brought it over the rail.  They quickly removed the hook and put the fish to the scale.  It weighed a whopping 10 lbs. 3 oz.  The deck went silent as all of Bill's friends realized they had to eat crow over what was sure to be the day's biggest catch.  Little did they know that after a few more trips to the bottom, Bill was about to pull another giant fluke off the bottom.

  Bill dropped his line in again and had his bait stripped several times.  

   Right around the third or fourth trip to the bottom, Bill received another huge hit and was battling another beast of a fluke.  He fought the fish to just below the keel of the boat.  He felt the fish hit something, but it gave way and was soon visible just below the surface.  It was another monster, and a little bit bigger than the one he had just caught.  Just as the deckhands were going to net it and bring it over the rail, the hook came out of the fish's mouth and all was lost.  Everyone on board agreed that it was definitely bigger than the fish he had just brought in.

Of course the conversation was all steered towards Bill’s greatest hits on the water that day.  

  The day was soon over and the boat was making it’s way back to the harbor in Cape Cod.  Of course the conversation was all steered towards Bill’s greatest hits on the water that day.  Everyone wanted to know where he got his new gear and how they could order it for themselves.  Not being a selfish fisherman, Bill steered them towards Greg Myerson’s World Record Striper Company and his new sound based fishing technology that has landed Greg three World Record Stripers. Not only has Greg caught three world record stripers, but friends of his such as Hall of Famer Wade Boggs and friend and fishing companion Joe Diorio have caught world record bluefish and CT. state record redfish respectively.  Both were using Greg Myerson's Original RattleSinker. His friends couldn’t get on their mobile phones quick enough to begin ordering their new Rattle fishing gear from World Record Striper Company.  No other gear will give you the opportunity to land just about any game fish then Greg Myerson’s rattle fishing gear.

Tight Lines,

Shawn Kirby



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