Greg Myerson Gives Some Good Tips On Finding Big Bass In The Shallows

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Greg Myerson Gives Some Good Tips On Finding Big Bass In The Shallows

If it seems like there's not a lot of Bass around?  Then look to the shallows!

   I'm finding the Bass in shallow water that has a lot of structure. The deeper reefs have not been producing many decent sized fish. But,  the bigger,  fatter bass have been closer to shore and in the rocky bottom areas. I'm finding that 15 feet of water is the magic number.  I think it's easier for them to spot food in the shallow water from top to bottom,  and the water has been especially dirty lately.

But,  as this new moon approaches the night bite will be back on!

The fish will move into deeper water again and eeling will be fantastic going well into the nighttime.  It's a perfect time to add a Rattlesinker®.  Replace your regular old non-fish attracting lead sinker with a environmentally safer,  powder coated fish calling Rattlesinker®. Beef up your fishing line, too.  Because some bigger fish should start moving in at this time. I'm using my Lamiglas 7040 tri-flex with 50lb Cortland count amo braid! I love this line. The green tint to the water, really hides the camo green line perfectly. I'm using 5-8 oz camo green Rattlesinkers®  with this gear!  So, when the bluefish move in heavy, the gear will be less noticeable to them and slip past those bluefish to the waiting big bass on the look out for an easy meal below those messy eating Bluedogs!!  Good luck!! Happy 4th of July to all! Peace!!!  GM


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