Greg Myerson, often referred to as the Warren Buffett of fishing, has forgotten more about fishing than most of us even know.

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Greg Myerson, often referred to as the Warren Buffett of fishing, has forgotten more about fishing than most of us even know.

Greg Myerson, often referred to as the Warren Buffett of fishing, has forgotten more about fishing than most of us even know. 

   I have known Greg for a long time now, and I am constantly amazed at his knowledge of Striped Bass and fishing in general.  Few people come along in one’s life that truly make an impression, and Greg is one of those people. You can love or hate him, but you can never take away his ability to find and catch monster fish.  He has caught 3 World Record Stripers and currently holds 2 Titles.  Recently, Greg’s good friend Frank Crescitelli broke his Catch and Release Record; however, Frank was using Greg’s patent pending RattleSinker® when he broke this World Record. 

Greg has also won numerous Fishing Tournaments.  Among his most famous Wins would be his 3 victories in On The Water Magazine’s Striperfest Tournaments in which he was crowned Fisherman of the Year and Fish of the Year Titles in 2010, 2011, and 2013. In 2010, his Fisherman of The Year and Fish of The Year Titles were won with his All Tackle World Record Striper of 81.88lbs. There are many more trophies and achievements under Greg’s belt, but we will save them for another article.

When it comes to inventing new fishing gear, Greg discovers and creates new products, as well as, he collects World Record fish.

   His patent pending RattleSinker® is by far his best-selling and most influential fishing tackle product so far.  It was used to catch all of Greg Myerson’s world record Stripers.  The RattleSinker® was also used to catch several other record fish including Joe Diorio’s CT State record for Red Fish and Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs’s World Record Bluefish.  

   No other single fishing product that we know of has caught that many record fish in such a short time span.  He developed the Original RattleSinker® by listening to lobsters he put into his fish tank and recording the sounds they made crossing the rocky bottom.  He then copied that frequency in his patent pending RattleSinker®.  It mimics the sound of crustaceans so well that it actually triggers the sensors along a fish’s lateral line, and the game fish instinctively head towards that sound, that it can hear from 5X farther than any non-sound producing tackle.  A fish uses its sense of hearing and scent first, and then it uses its sight for the final attack.  That is the reason Greg’s Rattle products work so well.

Myerson has certain techniques and very specific days of the year that give him the best chances of landing a record fish.

   At the beginning of every year, Greg sits down with a calendar, tide chart, and moon phase calendar.  With these he picks maybe 5-7 days of the coming fishing season where all the conditions, he looks for, line up and give him the most opportune times to catch monster Stripers.  He looks for a slack tide, on the 1st quarter moon of the month, and these must line up right around sunset. Stripers are very lazy and do not want to expend too much energy finding food, especially, the really big ones.  Therefore, a slack tide is perfect.

  Greg is very insistent on certain routines and techniques that are really necessary when it comes to catching large Stripers. 

  1. Stealth is very important. He actually fishes barefooted without any type of shoes on the boat.  He knows that Stripers are really tuned into noise and sounds underwater.  That is why his Rattle products work so well. On the other hand, Stripers, especially the older bigger ones, are listening for strange sounds from boats above and know that means trouble for them.
  2. Look for very specific reefs and structures below and constantly monitor your fish finder and other electronics. There are certain areas that the large Stripers regularly occupy, where they expend the least amount of energy in order to catch the most food that they can.  Generally, they will lay below the schools of Stripers and Blues feeding off of the scraps that come down, while at the same time listening for juvenile lobster feeding off of the same scraps landing on the bottom.  He can’t count the number of large Stripers that had lobsters in their bellies when he cut them open.
  3. Greg has his own technique called Rattling. A video of this technique can be found at: . Greg’s You Tube Channel has many other videos containing Tips and Strategies for catching large fish.  Instead of letting the RattleSinker®  bounce off the bottom, keep it a few feet off the bottom and gently raise the tip of your pole up and down every few seconds.  This lets the RattleSinker®  swing in a circle above your eel or bait producing the signature sound of a crustacean on the bottom.  The Striper, because they are such a curious fish, comes to investigate and sees the eel as an easy meal and attacks.
  4. Greg will also tell you that the best bait is the freshest. His video of how to throw a cast net is great for anyone trying to use one. It can be found here: .  Fresh eels are also a go to bait.  He will try many different set ups when it comes to landing monster Stripers.  But, almost every configuration uses one or more of his Rattling products.  The sound they produce triggers an instinctual attacking behavior in any game fish that makes them turn and head for the prey that they know is there for the taking. 
   I was talking with Greg the other day about fluke fishing, and he gave me some great tips probably without even realizing it.

   He told me when I get sick of catching short Fluke, like maybe one keeper out of every ten fish; don't put out a bunch of rods letting them drag along the bottom waiting for a fish to hit. Instead, use one rod and work it hard.  Big Fluke love action. It triggers them to strike. They are viscous predators and love to attack at the site and sound of movement. Don't drift and drag your bait. Really work it up just a few feet off the bottom.  Use a Chartreuse Rattlesinker® and even a Rattlebucktail to get there blood going into attack mode. That's what Fluke like.  I like to use a 3-way swivel setup with a Chartreuse Rattlesinker® usually around 6oz or 8oz.  You can also use a RattleBucktail topped off with a piece of Squid. Better yet if you can get some Snapper Blues, they are like candy to a giant Fluke.  Fluke also love to feed later in the afternoon, on a hot day, just a few hours before sunset.

   Greg Myerson will be attending ICAST 2017 for the first time.

 He is really excited to unveil several new products for his freshwater Rattle Bass line of fishing gear.  He won’t reveal much at the moment, but he is going to let me write about and share his new products as he unveils them at the show.  If you are lucky enough to attend the ICAST event, then be sure to stop by Greg’s booth and check out his new tackle and ask him all the questions you want.  There is nothing like being able to pick a master of fishing’s brain in person, and Greg is always willing to answer anything he can and share his knowledge.  As the saying goes, he has probably forgotten more about fishing than we will ever know!

Greg has an autobiography due to be released next Father’s Day, and he has started filming a pilot for a reality series about fishing. 

You can’t say that Greg just lays around waiting for the fish to come to him.  He constantly studies his prey, invents new products for fishing and to help sustain our fisheries, and works his normal job as an electrician.  He is a serious patriot and supports our troops any way he can. He has so many irons in the fire; it’s hard to keep up with it all.

His parting notes to me were, “Good luck and send me some pics of your doormats caught on our gear! We love that stuff! “

I will leave you with that happy thought and Tight Lines for everyone!

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  • Shawn Kirby

    I wrote this article about Greg to get all his major accomplishments correct, and to put together some of his best tips into one article. He even gave me some new ones for Fluke that were highly informative. I hope that everyone gets the most from it and passes it on to their friends.

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