Greg Myerson's tip on catching Bigger Bass

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Greg Myerson's tip on catching Bigger Bass

If you wanna catch bigger bass on your drifts, then get away from the heavy conventional reel and throw your eel with a medium action spinning setup.

I find that in areas where the water is fairly clear your best bet for bigger bass is to toss your three way setup with an eel and a very light Rattlesinker. I recommend using a 1 oz or 2oz sinker attached to your braided line directly to your 30lb leader; thus, leaving a small loop on the braid for your sinker. Use about 5' of leader with a small 4/0 circle hook. Put the hook barely threw both lips of the eel. Start under the bottom lip and then out thru the top leaving the hook very exposed. Cast it behind the boat about 40 yards for bigger leary bass that are boat shy! Flip the bail and hold on tight! They will hook themselves with the circle hook. Do not try to set the hook. Just apply steady pressure, and it will set itself!  Make sure your drag is set for bigger fish and not loose enough to where the bass will spool you, taking all your line! The Lighter weight will slowly sink your eel threw the water column, allowing you better chances for bass at various levels and depths. The Rattlesinker will draw serious attention to the eel, especially, in low light conditions when bigger fish frequent the reef! Tight lines and good luck! GM

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