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How Fish Hear Underwater & Why Our Products Outperform All Others

Can fish hear?

Yes, fish can hear a long distance underwater. They don't have visible ears, but have two inner ears, and they detect sounds through their lateral line. Basically, the lateral line is their ear. 

Can fish determine sounds?

 Yes, fish can tell when people are talking, the sound of boat motors, and when something sounds like dinner.

How fast does sound travel underwater?

Sound travels underwater at 3170 miles per hour; however, sound travels around 740 miles per hour in air. That in itself tells you how important sound is to fish. It is their first and foremost sense used when hunting their prey.  They only use sight at the last few seconds before the attack. 

Why so fast underwater?

It has to do with molecules. Underwater molecules are closer together, they are stacked against each other; therefore, sound travels molecule to molecule and travels much farther and faster underwater. In air, molecules are more spread out, making sound travel much slower.

Does temperature affect sound underwater?

Yes, warmer water makes sound travel faster.

Does sound travel faster in salt or fresh water? Sound travels faster in salt water because it's a bit denser and molecules are more stacked together.

Do fish hear like we do?

Not exactly, fish hear low frequencies better. We hear the opposite.

Would it be safe to say that lower frequency rattles or fish calls are more effective?

Yes, it would be very safe to say. Because that's the way fish hear. That is why the World Record Striper Company Rattle is tuned to a low frequency sound. Its operating at the same decibel level as most of the invertebrates that fish hunt and eat. It's inside every product we sell. That is why they are so effective! You just can't argue with all the world and state Records that our gear has caught.  If you are serious about catching monster stripers or any other gamefish in fresh or salt water, then we have the tackle for you! No other fishing tackle has proven itself time and again like ours.  We know when used correctly, that our products will outperform any other product on the market. 


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