Joe Diorio lands a new Connecticut State Record for Redfish Using Our RattleSinker

Joe Diorio lands a new Connecticut State Record for Redfish Using Our RattleSinker

Joe Diorio lands a new Connecticut State Record for Redfish

On the morning of July 5, my good friend and fellow fishermen Joe Diorio woke up not feeling too well.  He tried to climb out of bed, but he just didn’t feel well and thought it was going to be a rough day.  He took a few naps and decided what he really needed was some fishing therapy.  So he dragged himself out of bed and headed down to his boat.

   Following his normal routine, he filled his live well up with bunker and headed out to his favorite fishing holes outside of old Saybrook, Connecticut.  When he finally got out to his grounds, he realized that it was a dead slack tied.  Familiar with his fishing areas, he knew there is a couple good spots to fish during a slack tied and made his way to his favorite waypoints.

     He started his first drift using his typical setup that consists of his Greg Myerson Edition Lamiglass Rod, Daiwa Saltist Reel, Maxima Braid and Leader, and three-waying with an 8 ounce RattleSinker, from the World Record Striper Company.  He hooked into a nice 36 inch striped bass on his first drift.  The next draft produced a nice 38 inch striped bass, and he immediately started feeling better about this day’s fishing trip.  As he was setting up his third drift, he saw a school bunker and immediately moved toward it setting up just outside of the pod of bunker.  He dropped his bunker down and immediately got a nice hit.  He missed hooking the fish, and when he reeled the line in he saw the bunker was cut in half.  So he hooked on another nice size bunker and lowered it down.  Using Greg Myerson’s rattling technique, his line was immediately hit by what he thought was another striper.

    This time he set the hook right and carefully began reeling the fish in.  Using only a 30 pound braided and only a 30 pound leader that had already caught several fish over the weekend; he knew he was going to need a net to land this fish once it got close to the boat.  Since he was by himself, he was worried he didn’t have the net on the boat, but luckily one was left behind from the previous trip that weekend.  Once the fish got close to the boat, he realized it wasn’t a Striper or Bluefish, but was a monster Redfish. Redfish are not commonly caught in Long Island sound, so his adrenaline built up rather quickly once he realized what he had on the end of his line.

He maneuvered his way to the bow of the boat where the net was stashed, and scooped the monster Redfish up and on the boat.  He knew right away this was definitely a contender for the Connecticut State record for Redfish.  He immediately called up a few friends and his wife to meet him at the dock with some ice, so he could immediately get back out fishing.  He motored in and anchored up his boat just offshore, and swam to the dock to pick up some fresh ice and show everyone his giant catch.  With his fish on ice, Joe headed back out to see what else he could produce in the next few hours.  This just goes to show Joe’s tenacity for fishing, and why he and Greg Myerson are such good friends, because they both share the dedication and resilience that it takes to really fish hard and catch monster fish consistently no matter what.

    The very next morning on Wednesday, Joe brought his fish into Rivers End Tackle Shop to get it weighed on a certified scale.  The fish came in at a whopping 19.80 pounds 14 hours after it had been caught.  It was 38 ½ inches long with a 21 inch girth.  Proud as hell, Joe was all smiles realizing that he had caught the pending state of Connecticut’s record for Redfish.  This would make eight world record and state record catches using Greg Myerson’s patent pending Rattlesinker over the last three years.  No matter what game fish you are fishing for, we produce the best fishing tackle and lures to bring in huge fish in any fishing conditions.  It took years of development for Greg to come up with the best fish call products in the industry today.  That is probably why he landed Mark Cuban on ABC’s hit TV show the Shark Tank.

Congratulations Joe on your first record catch, and I’m sure you’ll catch many more in the years to come.  We are glad to call you a good friend and one of the best fishermen in Long Island sound.  If you are serious fishermen and want to show off to friends, then there is no better products being offered in the fishing industry today than Greg Myerson's and World Record Striper Company Rattle fish call products.  Our products have proven themselves over and over again.  Go to our site and order your products today to give yourself an edge above everyone else.


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