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Joe Diorio wins Blackfish Tourny with WRSC Rattling Blackfish Jig

Joe Diorio wins Blackfish Tourny with WRSC Rattling Blackfish Jig

A few days ago I met Joe Diorio for lunch to give him some Rattle Blackfish jigs. He and his dad were getting ready to fish the upcoming 4 Mile River Black Fish Tournament. It’s tradition for them and I hoped they did well. I had just finished making a bunch of them at the World Record Striper Company. They sounded awesome. They work better then any Rattle Black Fish Jig on the market. I don’t even think there is another Blackfish Jig on the market? This is how it works! You put a crab on the jig, when these blackfish start nibbling the Rattle Blackfish Jig starts Rattling! Quickly attracting others close by to the bait also! The Blackfish has to commit and take it or risk losing its meal to another fish! This is why this Jig works so well!! You don’t get that little nibbling that drives you nuts! You get that big strike! And you know it’s game on! Set the hook!! Yesterday I got the news that Mr Diorio won the tournament! Awesome! The Crew at World Record Striper Company Congratulates him!! Get Rattle Blackfish Jigs from Worldrecordstripercompany.com while they last!!! Made in Wallingford Ct 🇺🇸


Blackfish from tourny

Rattle Blackfish Jigs

Greg Myerson making Jigs By hand


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