Killing The Stripers At The Race

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Killing The Stripers At The Race

Even with reports of very slow Striped Bass fishing in the Race, I decided to try to Rattle up a Bass.

I headed out in my 18' center console the other night trying to take advantage of the slow tide conditions. Back a few years ago, I would consider a one Bass night a terrible trip. These days, to catch one decent fish locally, I consider to be a successful trip. There is always much better fishing out in Montauk or Block Island, but local success is getting tougher all the time.

So, when I head out locally, I like certain conditions to be in my favor.

First of all, I saw everyone leave as the tide died out. This to me is the best time to put on a Rattlesinker® and try to fool a Big Striper! As the tide dies, Lobster come out to feed. They have more success feeding when their food is not blowing past them at over 6 knots. The Striped Bass knows this is premium lobster fishing time, and they hunt the lobster by sound. They kind of get involved in a dance. The striped bass shows up and the lobster cries wolf! The striped bass then turns on and eats the lobster! Nobody said lobster were smart! They just instinctively let out a 10 decibel warning buzz. Music to the Big Striped Bass! The Rattlesinker® mimics this sound!!! It's not by accident! It's the result of years of underwater research by the World Record Striper Company and this sound is proven to scientifically call in the fish!

Tight Lines, 

Greg Myerson


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