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My New Book "Born To Fish" Available Now In All Bookstores & Amazon

My New Book "Born To Fish" Available Now In All Bookstores & Amazon

  Born To Fish Book Cover



   In 2011 I was approached by a literary agency from NYC and asked if I was willing to have a book about my life written. At first I didn’t think that my life was anything out of the ordinary. But I was reassured that it was. The literary agency of Scovil, Galen and Gosh thought it might even make a great movie someday, so I signed the contract and the search was on for the perfect author to spend days weeks and months with me telling him very detailed personal accounts of my life. I was soon asked to talk with well known author, Tim Gallagher. Known for his world famous books on falconry and other great books about outdoor adventures like Imperial Dreams. Tim and I felt comfortable together and he was given the deal to write Born to Fish. He traveled from his upstate NY hometown of Ithaca with his son who was getting ready to graduate from High school and wanted to look at colleges in my area. Tim started taking notes and the beginning of a new book had begun. As they headed home from there trip Tim had no idea that it would be the last time he would ever take a trip with his son again. Tragically and for reasons unknown his son took his own life in the family home a short time later. Tim and family were completely devastated. There was no way he was going to be able to write the book he told me. I told Tim to take his time and maybe sometime he would. I was not interested in anyone else writing it, and told him that. As some years passed Tim felt the need to write again and wanted to dedicate this book to his son. As for me my life was getting more story lines day by day including a appearance on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Tim and I reconnected and the book was back on. The result is sure to be a hit as the Giant publishing company Houghton Mifflin jumped all over it with great enthusiasm and a generous advance. Born to Fish is not just about fishing but it’s a great American story of a life that has been faced with many adversities. Including the tragedy’s of life and the triumphs. Substance abuse, Wars effects on family and much more. I hope you like it. The first time I read it I was brought to tears. I had no idea it would have that effect on me. It was awesome and actually therapeutic for me to read.


Greg Myerson


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