On the World Record Striper Company Charter Boat, We Always Love To Put Our Clients On Big Fish!

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On the World Record Striper Company Charter Boat, We Always Love To Put Our Clients On Big Fish!

On the World Record Striper Company charter boat, we always love to put our clients on Big Fish!

It's just good Buisness. I especially like it when our clients first ever Striped Bass is 50lbs or more! Each component of the Rattlesinker® technique is taught using my Greg Myerson® designed Lamiglas Tri-flex rod, loaded with Cortland 50lb test camo braid.  The Rattlesinker® technique is simple but effective for luring in giant bass. You have to drift and walk the sinker along the bottom. As it hits every few feet it's emitting our patented fish attracting sound. This sound, through years of research, attracts the fish. Plenty have tried to replicate this, to no avail,  and it's no wonder.

The Rattlesinker® has been responsible for tricking the Worlds biggest Bass.

In these photos we have two over 50 first bass folks. Scott Cyr from Wallingford and Kristie from Meriden. It's hard enough for very experienced fisherman to land a 50 pounder, some never will. Both of them understood this and are very grateful to have done it! It's not the cure for Cancer, although I wish it was. But it does help land some monsters and this is proven. Order a Rattlesinker® from Worldrecordstripercompany.com today and Rattle in your Monster!

Greg Myerson & Shawn Kirby

Clients first ever Striped Bass caught with RattleSinkerAnother happy client with a 50 lb Striper caught on WRSC RattleSinker


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