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Our World Famous Bucktails Have No Equals And Are Tied By The Best In The Business

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Our World Famous Bucktails Have No Equals And Are Tied By The Best In The Business

    At the WRSC we’re not worried about any Trade Wars!!! As a matter of fact we are having ourselves a little sale on one of the most effective Bucktails on the market!!

Our products are all made right here in Our factory in Wallingford, CT. Our Tier is one of the best in the business, so you can rest assured that this Bucktail won’t come apart at the first sign of bluefish trouble. We use a three stage tying process that adds 3 times the Deer hair that long duck dongs guy use. Oh yeah, all our deer are shot right here in CT by some great local bow hunters. The hair is taken from some great bucks and it’s thick! This allows our Rattlebucktails to not just emit our world famous fish attractive sound, responsible for multiple World Records, but the thick 3 stage tying process also makes our Rattlebucktail a very slow sinker!! So, when you take that cast off Montauk Pt., your gonna have extra time to work it!! We have a new load of badass 1.5 ounce bucktails being tied as we speak. So I’m offering up this fantastic deal. Our stuff is not junk, it’s world class. And it’s made right here in the USA. 🇺🇸 Thanks for your business.

Greg Myerson 

Selling Bucktails at Fishing Convention in FLA


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