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Rattlesinker is Back Better Than Ever

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Rattlesinker is Back Better Than Ever

The Rattlesinker®️ has finally arrived. I first invented and used the Rattlesinker as something entirely for me. It was never meant to be a product in any stores or a business or anything like that! It was something made by me to help me catch fish. There was only one problem. It worked so good it was hard to keep from being noticed. In the beginning it was nothing fancy, a regular looking weight with my Handmade Rattle inside. To anybody looking at it onboard mine looked the same. But with my sound hitting the bottom area of the 90’ deep Race I was killing it! 12-1 fish on everybody else. I quickly felt like I was on to something great! Well 3 straight Angler of the year titles for me and 3 more for Joe Diorio using the same technique and then Catching the World Record Striper! Let’s not forget Jeff Thibodeau’s 61lb 10,000$ monster bass to win the PBR tournament and of course Baseball legend Wade Boggs World Record Bluefish ( IGFA Length). Just to name a few. The demand grew. I filed a patent for the Rattlesinker®️. Then I get a call From Hollywood. I’m on Shark Tank and the Rattlesinker®️ lands it’s biggest fish, Mark Cuban. I get funding and turn the Rattlesinker®️ into what it is today. And soon will be everywhere Tackle is sold. It’s a fish calling machine! It comes out of the mold with 2 patented WRSC Rattles built in! With grooves in the sinker Grenade design cutting close to those Rattles making it more effective then ever! I have mass production capabilities now and this product needs to be demanded by my fellow fisherman to be stocked in your favorite fishing tackle watering hole!! It will get there if y’all ask them to order them I promise!! Anyway thanks for all who use them already!! There’s a lot of you and I thank you! Good luck and tight lines! Greg Myerson 


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