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Can fish hear? Yes, fish can hear a long distance underwater. They don't have visible ears, but have two inner ears, and they detect sounds through their lateral line. Basically, the lateral line is their ear.  Can fish determine sounds?  Yes, fish can tell when people are talking, the sound of boat motors, and when something sounds like dinner. How fast does sound travel underwater? Sound travels underwater at 3170 miles per hour; however, sound travels around 740 miles per hour in air. That in itself tells you how important sound is to fish. It is their first and foremost...

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The Rattle Bucktail is one of the most effective lures ever made. But, are you using the right color? You can use whatever color you got and hope for the best. Although, any serious Bucktailer will tell you, sometimes they are chewing on different colors more then others.  Sometimes Striped Bass will not touch a certain color at all! You see underwater, light fades fast the deeper down you go. It's called attenuation loss. As you get deeper you lose color. At 33' there's no color at all. This is why, depending on the time of day, you'll wanna use...

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Check out these four new videos showing our new Squid Fly series from World Record Striper Company. They have terrific action, and they are all hand-tied by Rob Galante from East Coast flies. There are now available in four fantastic colors. They will definitely be a great addition to any serious fisherman's tackle box.

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This video shows you how to catch Bunker with a throw net by Greg Myerson!!   https://youtu.be/QGAAOvyJLto    

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If you wanna catch bigger bass on your drifts, then get away from the heavy conventional reel and throw your eel with a medium action spinning setup. I find that in areas where the water is fairly clear your best bet for bigger bass is to toss your three way setup with an eel and a very light Rattlesinker. I recommend using a 1 oz or 2oz sinker attached to your braided line directly to your 30lb leader; thus, leaving a small loop on the braid for your sinker. Use about 5' of leader with a small 4/0 circle hook....

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