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Greg Myerson, often referred to as the Warren Buffett of fishing, has forgotten more about fishing than most of us even know.     I have known Greg for a long time now, and I am constantly amazed at his knowledge of Striped Bass and fishing in general.  Few people come along in one’s life that truly make an impression, and Greg is one of those people. You can love or hate him, but you can never take away his ability to find and catch monster fish.  He has caught 3 World Record Stripers and currently holds 2 Titles.  Recently, Greg’s...

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"Running The Coast" by Howard Films, Fishing films, Fishing Videos, Movie trailers, Videos of fishing stripers, Videos of Greg Myerson -

Running The Coast: 1,000 miles with the Striped Bass migration from Howard Films on Vimeo. ESTIMATED RELEASE DATE EARLY 2016. Secure PRE-ORDER available here now. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS PR-ORDER ONLY. YOUR PURCHASE WILL ENSURE YOU A DOWNLOAD WHEN FILM COMPLETED. YOU WILL RECEIVE NO MOVIE, JUST A TRAILER VIEWING UNTIL THEN. CHEERS. Running the coast began as a seasonal plan to film anglers intercepting the striped bass, and turned into a multi-year journey with a hurricane in between and the secrets of the striped bass discovered slowly along the way - from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. See every...

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