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The Rattlesinker®️ has finally arrived. I first invented and used the Rattlesinker as something entirely for me. It was never meant to be a product in any stores or a business or anything like that! It was something made by me to help me catch fish. There was only one problem. It worked so good it was hard to keep from being noticed. In the beginning it was nothing fancy, a regular looking weight with my Handmade Rattle inside. To anybody looking at it onboard mine looked the same. But with my sound hitting the bottom area of the 90’...

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The Shark Tank episode, featuring Greg Myerson & The World Record Striper Company, is re-airing on ABC! Our re-air date is Friday, 9/4/15. Since the first airing, Greg’s RattleSinker, and other products, have been flying off the shelves. We are currently in Cabela’s and soon to be in several other major chains. Greg has been catching monster fish again this year. His RattleSinker has already won several tournaments this year. We hope those who missed our first airing will catch it this time around. To those who did see it, thank you and watch it again. We are grateful for all your support....

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This past Friday, May 1, Greg Myerson went fishing for a different kind of fish - a Venture Capitalist - on ABC's Shark Tank. Greg pitched a piece of his World Record Striper Company in the hopes of landing a deal with Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner or Kevin Harrington.  After explaining how he used his RatteSinker™ to land four World Record Striped Bass, recounting his very first fishing tackle sales experience involving his Grandma's deceased yellow parakeet and getting momentarily paused by a last-minute effort by Mr. Wonderful, Greg took Mark Cuban's offer and walked off the...

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Here at the World Record Striper Company, we're all about landing big fish. And by landing, we mean rattlin' them in. Greg Myerson has proven time and again that his trademarked RattleSinker™, RattleFloats, RattleJigs and other sound-based fishing tackle can land world record striped bass.  In May, Greg will see if he can lure in another type of fish with his tackle - one of the venture capitalists on ABC's Shark Tank! Tune into ABC on Friday, May 1st to see if Greg can land a deal. We'll put a post up about Greg's experience on the show after it airs....

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