The Bucktail is one of the most effective lures ever made

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The Bucktail is one of the most effective lures ever made

The Rattle Bucktail is one of the most effective lures ever made.

But, are you using the right color? You can use whatever color you got and hope for the best. Although, any serious Bucktailer will tell you, sometimes they are chewing on different colors more then others.  Sometimes Striped Bass will not touch a certain color at all! You see underwater, light fades fast the deeper down you go. It's called attenuation loss. As you get deeper you lose color. At 33' there's no color at all. This is why, depending on the time of day, you'll wanna use a different color Bucktail. Darker colors like Black or Purple are way more effective in dark water conditions, like night fishing. As its getting dark, olive green might work best. You really should use light colors in the daytime and gradually go darker as the night falls. Think of the water table as looking through fog or smoke, something white would be harder to see, but something black is much easier. This is the same thing as you go deeper underwater or into the evening, and if your bucktail makes sound like ours does, even better! As the fish are using their sense of hearing and ability to pick up vibrations for their main hunting tool, having sound can help them easily track down your Rattle Bucktail in deep dark water, and as they do search for the sound help them out by having the right color! You'll catch way more fish!

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