These new 1.5 oz Bucktails are like crack to the fish!

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These new 1.5 oz Bucktails are like crack to the fish!

These new 1.5 oz Bucktails are like crack to the fish!

And here at the WRSC we're putting them together for the fall run and working like the boys in New Jack City! The Rattles we build these around are serious fish attractants. On a recent trip to Montauk, I was handing them out like Dr Feelgood! They are built for casting from shore and work great in fast moving shallow water! The Rattle makes a sound that replicates a Lobster's warning signal! That's right! When lobster have a predator near by they emit a 10 decibel alarm to warn other lobsters of the danger! It's usually a Big Striped Bass and the sound the lobster makes is a dead giveaway for Striped Bass to come and search for them! It's a sound that gets other lobsters to hide, if they can make it fast enough!

These Rattle Bucktails are by far the most effective on the market!

Others make sound or should I say noise? Our sound is based on Science and are made by hydrophone recordings of real lobsters who are not happy to see me! The hair on our Bucktails is from some big New England white tail deer, and it's thick! This makes the Bucktails slow sinking! They are tied with a 3 stage tying process that is second to none! These are not junk! They are not made in China or North Korea or wherever? They are made right here in New England by the best tiers there are! Our Rattlesinker® also uses this same Rattle and this technology is no joke! Without it I'm pretty sure that the Striped Bass World Record would still belong to New Jersey! They are also very effective on Fluke who also eat lobsters! We have them in 1.5 and 2 oz and also 5 oz! I recommend the 1.5 for the surf! They are definitely the best RattleBucktail® on the market!




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