World Record Striper Company's Mission Statement

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World Record Striper Company's Mission Statement

The WRSC loves to see people catch fish.

The company formed around its flagship product the Rattlesinker®. A product that Company founder Greg Myerson made so he could catch substantially larger fish in bigger quantities. He used it for over 20 years before he ever sold one. 

He never intended to sell them.

They were just so effective at helping him catch fish, that it became impossible to keep his Rattlesinker® a secret.  Eventually, everyone wanted to buy them from him; especially, after catching the World Record Striped Bass.

His Company, the World Record Striper Company, is made up of a group of guys that all love fishing.

They all also love to see the success of fisherman who uses the products that they have built. The World Record Striper Company now has over 100 different products that these guys make and ship every day right from Wallingford, Ct. They also love taking people on their charter boat and only use WRSC products on board. Ask anyone who has gone fishing with them, these guys love to see people have success and catch fish!


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