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An Epic Night of Fishing With Greg Myerson Greg Myerson, who has been called the Warren Buffet of fishing, had his most memorable night of fishing in July, 2013. It was a calm evening in the Block Island area just before sunset with a slow moving fog creeping across the water. Greg was fishing with his cousin and trying to catch a third 50 plus pound Striper (he already recorded a 54 lbs and 53 lbs. in the last two weeks) to win On The Water Magazine's Striperfest. Greg began his first drift over a reef, when he heard the sweet "whoosh...

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Gear up for the upcoming Striper Season with Greg Myerson RattleSinkers and other Greg Myerson quality fishing gear from the World Record Striper Company Greg Myerson, holder of 4 World Record Striper Titles, including the All-Tackle 81.88 lbs. Striped Bass, now offers his patent pending RattleSinkers to the public. All his World Records have been caught using the Greg Myerson RattleSinkers. The Rattlesinker is available in 5oz.-16oz weights and in Cammo or Chartreuse colors. The patent pending Greg Myerson Rattle is optimized to create the perfect sound, at the optimum frequency and decibels, to mimic the sound of lobsters which are...

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Here is plenty of new images of Greg Myerson and his 4 World Record striped bass and his three Angler of the Year Titles from On the Water Magazine's Striperfest and 2010, 2011, and 2013. All of Greg Myerson's world record catches were caught using his patent pending Greg Myerson RattleSinker available on this website.    

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Available now at Greg Myerson's new website www.worldrecordstripercompany.com

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