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This past Friday, May 1, Greg Myerson went fishing for a different kind of fish - a Venture Capitalist - on ABC's Shark Tank. Greg pitched a piece of his World Record Striper Company in the hopes of landing a deal with Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner or Kevin Harrington.  After explaining how he used his RatteSinker™ to land four World Record Striped Bass, recounting his very first fishing tackle sales experience involving his Grandma's deceased yellow parakeet and getting momentarily paused by a last-minute effort by Mr. Wonderful, Greg took Mark Cuban's offer and walked off the...

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There's been a lot of press during the last couple weeks regarding Greg's upcoming appearance on Shark Tank. Here, Shoreline Times fishing writer Dan Mulvey chronicles the time he first saw Greg during a talk at The Mohegan Sun as well as some of the other ways beyond landing World Record Striped Bass that the RattleSinker™ can be used.

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Here at the World Record Striper Company, we're all about landing big fish. And by landing, we mean rattlin' them in. Greg Myerson has proven time and again that his trademarked RattleSinker™, RattleFloats, RattleJigs and other sound-based fishing tackle can land world record striped bass.  In May, Greg will see if he can lure in another type of fish with his tackle - one of the venture capitalists on ABC's Shark Tank! Tune into ABC on Friday, May 1st to see if Greg can land a deal. We'll put a post up about Greg's experience on the show after it airs....

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One of the greatest breakthroughs in fishing tackle, The Greg Myerson® RattleSinker®, is now available in 1 oz. thru 4 oz. sizes. These new sizes are ideal for targeting a variety of  freshwater species, as well as for use in lighter saltwater fishing conditions. The patent-pending sound technology employed by the Greg Myerson® RattleSinker® is meant to mimic the decibel frequency emitted by one of the favorite foods of fish:  crustaceans. And since sound travels considerably further in water, fish pick up this sound though their inner ear and lateral line, making them instinctively hunt down the source of that...

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An Epic Night of Fishing With Greg Myerson Greg Myerson, who has been called the Warren Buffet of fishing, had his most memorable night of fishing in July, 2013. It was a calm evening in the Block Island area just before sunset with a slow moving fog creeping across the water. Greg was fishing with his cousin and trying to catch a third 50 plus pound Striper (he already recorded a 54 lbs and 53 lbs. in the last two weeks) to win On The Water Magazine's Striperfest. Greg began his first drift over a reef, when he heard the sweet "whoosh...

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