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Inline Rattlesinker ®

Greg Myerson official product
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Developed in partnership with Guide Secret owner and Fishing Guide Frank Crescitelli, our inline sinkers feature the signature low-decibel sound Greg Myerson has used to land three world-record striped bass. It's a sound that mimics a crustacean - the favorite food of many gamefish - and it is a proven attractant for a variety of species.

It was using a Rattle® Inline Sinker that baseball great Wade Boggs broke the All-Tackle Length catch and release bluefish on July 19th, 2013 while fishing with Capt. Frank Crescitelli off Shrensbury Rocks in New Jersey. The blue Boggs landed measured 34.25 inches (87 cm).

The Rattle® Inline Sinkers streamlined shape slips through the water with minimal resistance - it's perfect for trolling, casting or attach your favorite style of hook and they become a terrific jig.  Our Rattle® Inline Sinkers come in a variety of sizes so you can adjust for depth.

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