Rattle Rocket Launcher® Float

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Use ANY rod to fly fish.

The Rattle Rocket Launcher Float®  makes it possible to present these small baits to fish that may be feeding on these baits far from shore, around hard to reach rock formations, or in places that are impossible to reach due to boat hazards or other obstructions. It is designed to present a fly, light jig, or lure to fish 50, 75, or even up to a hundred yards away depending on your location. 


  • 3" long and weighs 1.25oz
  • Comes with 2 launchers 
  • It also allows the spin or conventional reel fisherman to use a fly without buying a fly rod or learning how to fly cast.
  • Sometimes referred as the splasher and the fly

Use as go to rig for bonito fish in Florida and other locations like California. 

In may of 2016 the Rattle Rocket Launcher® was written up in On The Water as lure of the month! You can read that article by clicking here.

We provided a link to an article that describes how a similar product is used here as well: http://www.newenglandkayakfishing.com/index.php/content/articles/50-splasher-and-feather-an-albie-and-bonito-killer