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How We Got Started

The World Record Striper Company was founded in 2011 by Greg Myerson, a life-long angler, hunter, outdoorsman and owner, at 81.8 pounds, of the all-tackle world record for striped bass. The company is dedicated to providing fresh and salt-water anglers with fishing tackle designed to attract fish to their bait.

The flagship product of The World Record Striper Company is the Greg Myerson™ RattleSinker™, proven to be the best striper lure in the world as Greg has used it to catch each of his four world record striped bass. This innovative product employs Greg’s patent pending Rattle sound to call big fish to your bait. It’s worked for Greg, and for hundreds of other anglers looking to land big fish.

Most of the fishing tackle offered through The World Record Striper Company has been developed around our Rattle technology:  RattleSinkers, Multi-Bait RattleJigs, RattleFloats, RattleRigs and limited-edition RattleFlies and RattleJigs. However, during our fishing exploits, we come across gear which others have used successfully and we sometimes offer that gear as well. In addition, we stock a variety of World Record Striper Company apparel, including hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other merchandise.

Greg Myerson Fishing


Born in New York but raised in the suburban splendor of Wallingford, CT, Greg Myerson has famously been called “The Warren Buffett of Striped Bass Fisherman” Greg has been an outdoorsman since he could step outdoors … 

Greg Myerson is a legend in the fishing community.  He currently holds four world records for stripers including the 81.88 pound striper caught in Westbrook, Connecticut, the all tackle length world record at 113 cm, and the catch and release world record that he caught with his partner Captain Frank Crescitelli.  All his fishing gear utilizes his patent pending sound technology, and continues to invent fishing tackle that catches monster stripers, bluefish, black fish, sharks, and a host of other species. For Greg Myerson's fishing strategies, tips, and tournaments go to .


The current world record striper, the fourth Greg has caught, was landed on August 4, 2011 off Westbrook, CT. Tipping the scales at 81 lbs, 15 oz., Greg caught this beast of a fish on an eel using his patented RattleSinker™ and his signature Rattling technique. It was the fourth time Greg has broken the world record.


While Greg designs his RattleSinkers™ and other Rattle products to attract monster fish, they also work well for everyday anglers. And some have used them to extraordinary success. For example, Jeff Thibodeau has used WRSC gear to take first place in the 2013 Pabst Blue Ribbon Striper Cup. But everyday anglers, like Nick Bergeron who nailed a really sweet large mouth bass this season, have used our tackle with great results. We love receiving pictures of what other anglers have caught with our gear so send us some shots - you could win some WRSC gear.


The World Record Striper Company headquarters is located at Pier 76 Marina, 54 Old Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT. Our phone number is 1 (203) 500-4324 and email address is>. 


Outdoor Life calls Greg's world record Striper the All Time Greatest Catch in Fishing History:

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Yahoo News/Associated Press calls Greg the "The Warren Buffet of Fishing: