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How to use the Greg Myerson® Rattle Technique 


Call Fish to You

The rattle within the RattleSinker® and our other fishing Rattlelures and Rattlefloats mimic the same frequency and pitch of unsuspecting prey shellfish that crawl around at the bottom of the ocean. Monster fish hone in to the noise made by the rattle long before they can see or smell your bait. Our lure helps fish find your bait easier and help you land bigger fish!

World Record Striper 1st Place
Your Next World Record
Greg Myerson broke 4 Striped Bass World Records with the Rattlesinker®. You could be next!

The Bouncing Technique

The key to successful Rattle Fishing is the proper manipulation of the Greg Myerson® Rattle tackle, be it a RattleSinker®, RattleBlackfish Jig, RattleFloat or RattleBucktail. The proper manipulation involves what might best be described as bouncing the tackle so the internal rattles are fully activated. This video filmed by The Diving Fisherman, Mike Laptew, best depicts the technique: 

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