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WRSC Greg Myerson Rattle Bucktail®

Greg Myerson official product
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Catch BIGGER fish from further away.

Is there a lure out there as versatile as the bucktail? Whether you are jigging, surf-casting or trolling, a bucktail can prove very appealing to a variety of species. How do you make a bucktail even more alluring? Add the patent-pending Greg Myerson® Rattle® sound. Proven to attract a variety of fresh and saltwater species, the crustacean-like sound emitted from the Rattle mimics that of baby lobsters, crab or crawfish; a sound that big fish hone in on long before they see or smell your bait or lure.

In addition to the Rattle® sound, our RattleBucktails® are treated with UV Blast, a chemical compound which emulates the UV light reflected from the scales of a variety of baitfish. UV light can be detected at greater depths than sunlight and also polarizers, which attracts a variety of gamefish.

Developed with 30 year expert of hair/angling Rob Galante, who has 30 years plus of matching bucktails experience matching the right natural or synthetic hair to different angling situations.

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