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The World Record Striper Squid Pattern is based on a pattern developed by Ray Stachelek's. However, ours differs in a few areas. We use a construction method that is less prone to fouling in addition, the Rattle Squid uses Greg Myerson rattle technology to better imitate the sounds that attract the fish.

About the Rattle Squid®:

Slightly weighted it sinks slowly, and  Rattle Squid gets a lot of action due to the long hackles used to imitate the tentacles and the synthetic material used to construct the fly. Currently, we are tying this in four color schemes: Pink, Red/Purple, Natural, and Orange. The materials accept indelible markers so different colors can be added allowing for you to adapt it to any condition. Depending on the situation, Squid change colors and the ability for you to color it yourself allows you to adapt it to any condition. 

About the fly:

The fly is constructed of mostly synthetic materials that don’t hold water which makes it easier to cast. This fly is tied on a 4/0 Partridge Universal Predator X hook and the length is approximately 8” long. It is a superb imitation of a squid.


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